13 03 - 2019

Electric vs Manual Toothbrush: Which is Better?


This is one of our most frequently asked questions! Our answer? It’s not the brush that matters, it’s who’s doing the brushing. Let’s break that down. The goal of tooth brushing is to remove plaque from your teeth on a consistent (daily!) basis, so that we prevent the buildup of tartar which leads to tooth decay. A manual toothbrush [...]

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10 01 - 2019

7 Fun Dental Facts: Did you know …


February is National Children's Dental Health Month, so we've gathered some fun facts about teeth in all kinds of people and animals. 1) No Cavities? There is evidence to suggest that children of prehistoric times didn’t really have cavities because they didn’t consume sugar! 2) Early Tooth Bloomers We all think of babies’ smiles to be pretty gummy when [...]

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4 12 - 2018

Oral Health During Pregnancy


Things to know: Dental work during pregnancy is safe. The best time for treatment is between the 14th and 20th weeks. Pregnancy Gingivitis: Hormone changes during pregnancy cab affect the gums, making them more sensitive and enflamed in response to bacteria along the gum line. Calcium: The body provides calcium from your bones. Eat enough dairy and taking a [...]

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26 09 - 2018

5 Ways to Love Your Smile


From the moment you walk in the door at Infinite Smiles Dental Center, you’ll be greeted by the happy caring staff who will always go above and beyond to care for you and answer all of your questions. Dr Gwinn and her team understand your smile is your greatest asset and says a lot about your overall health. Your [...]

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16 08 - 2018

Why do I need X-rays taken?


A Guide to Dental X-rays During a dental appointment, its not uncommon for your dentist to want to take a closer look of your mouth by taking x-rays. There are many reasons why taking x-rays are useful for dental professionals, but for the rest of us they are a little intimidating. They captures parts of your mouth that your [...]

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27 06 - 2018

6 Reasons To Smile More


Why You Need To Smile More Its Healthy - It Builds Trust  - It Affects Results - It Makes You Happy - It's Contagious - It Conveys Emotions Smiling lifts your mood and the mood of everyone around you. A smile is something that is infectious, the more you do it, the more those around you will too. Smiling and laughing [...]

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15 05 - 2018

Why Floss Your Teeth? Here are the facts.


Facts About Flossing Your Teeth Floss removes food trapped between the teeth and the film of bacteria that forms there before it turns into plaque, which can cause inflamed gums (gingivitis), cavities and tooth loss. Approximately 31% of Americans don't floss everyday. FLOSS EVERYDAY, its good for your health. The 5 Biggest Flossing Mistakes People Make You don't floss [...]

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19 04 - 2018

Kentucky Kindergarten Dental Screening


All children enrolling in a Kentucky elementary school are required to have a dental screening. This requires proof of a dental screening or examination by a dentist, dental hygienist, physician, registered nurse, nurse practitioner or physician assistant to be presented to the school no later than January 1 of the first year that a five (5) or six (6) [...]

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22 03 - 2018

Smiles For Life: Whiten Your Smile To Help A Child


Smiles For Life: Whiten Your Smile To Help A Child Infinite Smiles Dental Center is proud to participate in the annual Smiles for Life Campaign that runs from March 1 until June 30.  100% of the proceeds from teeth whitening procedures done at Infinite Smiles Dental Center are contributed directly to the partner charity, Down Syndrome of Louisville. With Smiles for [...]

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15 02 - 2018

Mardi Gras King Cake


A BIG thanks to Dr. Michelle Brammer, American Family Orthodontics for our Mardi Gras King Cake! Needless to say, we found the baby hidden inside our cake! Infinite Izzy spent the day with us here in the office and got many pictures in while here! Below are some our the pictures:

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