New Office Procedures Announcement

We are so excited to welcome our existing patients and new patients back to our office now. There have been some changes in the way we operate in the office, so please read about them below before your visit. And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 502-890-2035. As always, your safety, health, patient experience, and clinical care remain our top priorities.
We are implementing the additional precautions listed below to ensure the well-being of our patients and the team.
Infection Control Measures and Safety Enhancements during COVID-19:

  • Due to the safety concerns for our patients and staff, we will need to screen anyone that enters our premises.
  • Patients will call the office at the Infinite Smiles Dental Center phone number: 502-890-2035 once they are in the parking lot. They are to remain in their cars until a team member meets them outside to escort them in. Access to the building will be granted by utilizing strict protocols including:
    • Ensuring that pre-appointment COVID-19 screening questionnaires have been satisfactorily completed and reviewed.
    • Taking temperatures using a no-touch infrared thermometer.
    • Making sure that a mask is worn upon entering the building.
    • Sanitizing hands prior to entering.
    • If all of these protocols are met, only the patient with a scheduled appointment will be granted access. There are no walk-in appointments. If necessary, a patient is permitted to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, so long as the parent or guardian has completed all of the screening measures listed above and remains in the reception room during the appointment. Our clinical area is restricted to patients and office personnel at this point.
    • Social distancing guidelines must be followed in the office.
  • For those entering the building, you will notice the following changes:
    • Our magazines have temporarily been removed. You will also notice that the children’s play room has been changed to remove frequently touched items. The remaining items are cleaned frequently.
    • Sneeze-guards have been installed by the reception desk to maintain distance between patients and team members.
    • All of our dental chairs will be covered by disposable liners that are changed between each patient. All other “touchable” surfaces will continue to be covered with disposable liners, as always.
    • We have introduced a pre-procedural rinse to reduce exposure to germs.
  • In order to minimize aerosol spray in our office, the following measures have been taken:
    • We have purchased additional intra-oral suctioning devices to minimize the aerosol spray. The Isolite uses continuous suction to reduce aerosols and splatter in dental procedures.
    • You will notice medical-grade air purifiers located throughout the office. Our Medify Air units have H13 filters, allowing for 99.7 % particle removal. The Medify Air units and the Novoaerus units help protect our patients and the team.
    • We have incorporated HVE (High Evacuation) for your protection.
  • Hopefully, you have noticed how serious we are about keeping our office clean, maintaining sanitary conditions, and keeping you and your family safe. While this is nothing new for us, as yet another layer of protection, all furniture and surfaces are cleaned between patients and the entire office space is deep cleaned each day.
  • You will definitely notice that we look different! We will be wearing:
    • Protective masks appropriate for treatment per ADA Guidelines.
    • Fresh lab jackets per patient.
    • Face shields
    • Eye protection

We at Infinite Smiles Dental Center always strive to go above and beyond for our patients, and the above-listed modifications and changes we have implemented in light of current events are no exception. Our commitment to the safety of our patients and team knows no limits.
We look forward to your next visit. Please call the office at 502-890-2035 or E-mail us at [email protected] to schedule your next appointment.