Complete Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Everything you need for a healthy, beautiful smile is all in one place.

Infinite Smiles Dental Center is here to provide the family and cosmetic dentistry treatments you need at any age in a friendly, comfortable setting.  We want you to feel at home during your visit with us.  Dr. Gwinn refers to her patients as “her family” and strives to deliver dentistry with quality, compassion and excellence.  At Infinite Smiles Dental Center, we strongly believe that having a lifelong healthy smile can be achieved no matter your age or situation.  Dr. Gwinn enjoys teaching children how to take care of their teeth and that visiting the dentist can be a fun and positive experience even when treatments are more extensive. 

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Comfortable and Relaxing

Coming to the dentist can be challenging for many people.  We respect dental fears and anxiety therefore we have placed a lot of thought and effort in providing our patients with the best opportunity for a comfortable, enjoyable (yes! enjoyable), professional and positive experience.

We also offer  Nitrous Oxide for patients wishing for a more relaxed experience.

Patient receiving dental checkup
Patient receiving dental care
Comprehensive Treatment

Because the type of bacteria that causes disease in our mouth is infectious and has been linked to systemic health problems, we take great care in making sure you receive a comprehensive plan of treatment to best restore your oral health.  We celebrate achieving stable healthy teeth and gums and educate our patients on all the best practices and tools to continue to succeed at home.

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Services Offered

We are proud to offer a wide-range of dental services for our adult and pediatric patients: from preventative care to orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Here you'll find our extensive list of dental specialties, procedures and patient services.

At your cleaning appointment we take the time to gather any diagnostic information needed to best evaluate and treat your oral health. Because we view dentistry with a comprehensive approach this visit is a great time to celebrate success and form a plan for any corrections needed to help restore your mouth to health and stability.

Your dental health is our number one priority. We provide the most current digital dental equipment to best aide in diagnosis and treatment.

We are happy to serve any age. We offer diagnostic treatment and cleanings. We also provide restorative treatment options such as fillings, pulpotomies, crowns, extractions and space maintainers. We create a fun and inviting experience for your little ones as well as strive to offer our younger patients the best opportunities for comfort.

Periodontal disease can be challenging for those who are affected. Periodontal disease has been linked to heart disease, preterm birth and recently colon cancer. Because periodontal disease can spread to other parts of our body we take your health seriously. We monitor your periodontal health closely as well as provide the latest in education, technology and treatment to help you achieve stability and become successful at best maintaining healthy bone and gums.

During your comprehensive evaluation we will discuss your best options for treating decayed, broken or weakened teeth.

Ask us about our take home and in office options for a brighter, whiter smile.

Changing your smile can be a difficult decision.  We take time to discuss and evaluate all of your wishes, desires and concerns to ensure you receive the smile you have envisioned.  Each patient is unique therefore your individual plan will be customized and designed to offer your best opportunity for success and aesthetics.  Smile design can be positively life changing therefore no detail is left out.  This is where I received my nickname, Dr. McPicky, because each detail is scrutinized to ensure best results for a beautiful and successful outcome.

Implants are a wonderful option to replace missing teeth for those patients who are good candidates.  We work closely with our patients throughout the implant process to evaluate and provide best options and treatment for replacement of missing teeth.

Have you had braces and didn’t wear your retainer? If your teeth have moved after braces or if you have limited changes you would like to see in your smile these options are a great choice to provide these desired corrections.  Ask us for more detailed information.

TMJ problems can lead to irreversible damage to teeth as well as cause pain in our jaws, temporomandibular joint and become a source of migraine headaches. Botox therapy has given patients an alternative to bite-guard therapy as well as provide much needed relief from daily migraines. Ask us for more information on how Botox can best help you.